Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Day of Two-a-days for Dolphins Training Camp

The first of two practices today is already done, and it was definitely one of those sessions that makes you glad the regular season is still about a month away. Looking at the first two practices, you would have thought that yesterday's practice would have been a mid-training camp practice. Yes, it was that sharp. Today's practice looked more like a first day should. Not necessarily a good thing, but you know Tony Sparano won't have too much more of that and he'll whip the boys into shape.


-Pat White has a long way to go before he can be a contributing quarterback in the NFL. There was only one Wildcat formation play during the morning session, and he was not involved in it. This might be because the coaches don't want to show everything right away, but it was reminiscent of last year with Ronnie Brown taking the snap and handing it off to Ricky Williams.

White is still very inconsistent when it comes to his throws. He has the arm to make pretty much all the passes, but he clearly has to work on his mechanics so he can make those throws more often. He also needs to develop the poise in the pocket, not to mention he still has to get used to taking snaps under center. As of right now, he has the potential to be a good backup in the NFL, but I don't see him being used as more than a Wildcat player until he can develop his game.

-The offense as a whole looked sluggish this morning. There were fumbles, mishandled handoffs, and other things that make you relieved that there are many more practices. This offense doesn't have too many playmakers, so to be effective this season it will have to be efficient and limit the mistakes. Thats what made Chad Pennington so good last year. Cornerback Will Allen intercepting him today wasn't terrible, but it's something to take note of from such a shaky offensive practice.

Well folks, I'll be back later today with another post. I should have some quotes from some players so stay tuned!

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