Friday, January 8, 2010

DB's Saturday Wild Card Weekend Predictions

All of the football that has been played so far, and the season is just now starting. The road to the playoffs was paved in many different ways for the 12 teams in the dance. From knowing your fate early and deciding to rest starters to backing in with major help from all the teams that matter, the Wild Card weekend is set. Who will survive another week and who will go home to think about next year? You will find out here:

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals, 4:30 p.m., NBC

Gang Green is elated that they are in the playoffs. I can't deny that fact, even if I do think that they backed into the playoffs by playing two teams that I think gave up in the last two weeks of the regular season. All that matters now is that they are in the tournament, now they have a chance.

They simply dominated the Bengals last week in their 37-0 victory. It looks like Cincinnati was playing to win the game for the most part as well, but they were missing key pieces that they will get back this week. RB Cedric Benson, S Chris Crocker, and DT Domata Peko will be back in the lineup for this critical contest. WR Chad Ochocinco (or is it Johnson again after last week?) should be feeling better after injuring his knee in warmups.

The Bengals have a tall task on both sides of the ball. The Jets defense is a tough puzzle to solve, with Defensive Player of the Year candidate Darrelle Revis shutting down any and everything that comes to his side of the field. The availability of LB David Harris is in doubt though, which would certainly hurt the Jets.

The Jets run game can certainly be imposing, but I think with Peko back for Cincy will provide the help they will need.

I am predicting a Cincinnati win because for as much NFL as I have watched in my life, I know it is extremely tough to beat a team twice in a season. Now you are asking rookie QB Mark Sanchez to beat the same team in consecutive weeks. Cincinnati will unleash a full game plan with a bigger arsenal because of healthier players. They are also at home, and fans in that city have been waiting for years for a game of this magnitude.

DB's prediction: Cincinnati 20 NY Jets 14

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys, 8 p.m., NBC

One of the best rivalries in the NFL is back in primetime, now the stakes are at their highest. Dallas dominated this season's series, sweeping both games. Last week when they played, Dallas showed up in a big way and dominated the Eagles en route to a 24-0 victory.

Tony Romo had the best December he has ever had as a pro, the Cowboys have all the momentum in the world going into the playoffs and they also beat an Eagles team that had everything to play for last week. So why do I think Philadelphia will win next week? Why do I even think they have a chance?

The Eagles have the head on the sidelines and under center. When it comes down to it, I still believe Donovan McNabb is the better QB. He also has much more playoff experience. Tony Romo now has his chance that he is not the same old... Tony Romo.

I think Andy Reid will have a game plan for Saturday that will be more than ready to head back to "Jerry's World". Desean Jackson will be the big factor for Philly, and Demarcus Ware for Dallas. This one, however, I see going to the visiting team.

DB's prediction: Philadelphia 30 Dallas 28


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