Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview with Professional Cyclist Cole House

Things are different for Cole House the professional cycler now in almost every conceivable way.

The transition from Europe back to America for cycling has not been the easiest, but it would be tough to tell just by looking at his race results. The native of Oneida, Wis., a small town just outside of Green Bay, has made his presence felt by winning a couple of races. The most notable of them so far has been the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the official start to the 2011 USA Cycling National Racing Calendar.

“It was down to four guys in the lead group,” House said about the end of the Redlands. “Sometimes you get another opportunity and you have to take it.”

A slight break in NRC action after the Sunny King Criterium led House to the Sea Otter Classic, where he also claimed victory in the first stage of the race.

The success has come at a price, one that House is no doubt willing to pay. As reported by Daniel Benson at Cyclingnews, House rode for the BMC development team in 2009 and 2010. He rode in the US but also spent a good amount of time in Europe. The differences have been noticeable, and that’s just talking about off the bicycle.

“In Europe, everything is so close,” he commented. “Belgium is two hours from everything. Here it’s pretty difficult, especially with all the travel. Travel days are just as hard as the race days on your body. I’m still trying to figure it out, it’s pretty tough.”

With his travel schedule looking something like a rock star’s itinerary, it’s hard not to believe him. From the start of the NRC to the Sea Otter Classic, House has gone from California to Arizona (where the team’s facilities are located) to Georgia, then traveling on the road to Alabama for the Sunny King and back to California for his most recent race.

Team size, in addition to traveling, has also been a big difference in the team transition. House has admitted to liking the smaller team at, saying it “is more like a family.” The 13 member team is just under half of the 27 he was apart of with BMC.

“On my last team, you would show up to a race with a guy you haven’t seen in three months,” he acknowledged.

House also admitted that the courses in the US differ than the European ones in that they are “shorter, faster, more punchier here,”.

When he first came back to the states, House admitted to being a bit disappointed at not being offered a pro contract. The disappointment seems to be gone now, especially with a few wins under his belt.

Although his hometown is so close to “Titletown, USA”, House admits to not being a Packers fan and actually goes against the grain to stir up the pot with his family and friends. Hopefully he can bring some trophies of his own back to the Cheese State.

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