Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Protect and Serve? Or to Get on my Nerves?

Law enforcement in this country get a bad rap. Everybody knows it. Now do they always deserve it? Definitely not, but with the culture in current times, the police just seem to be the cool ones to go after. I've never been arrested or anything like that so I don't have the biggest issue with the police. My view on the issue to a sharp detour when I looked on the news and saw Houston Texans' running back Ryan Moats was pulled over for running a red light and was not allowed to see his mother-in-law as she died.

I'm not saying that the police officer should not do his job. What I am saying is he should have showed some compassion in dealing with the issue. Moats is not a superstar, but he is still an NFL player on an NFL salary. I'm sure a $200 ticket would not have shaken his wallet like it would a normal person's wallet. The officer was intentionally making things difficult for Moats and pulled out a gun on him and his wife. His wife still ran into the hospital so she could see her mom. That is bold because she could have gotten shot.

Athletes catch a bad rap because there are so many that think they are above the law because they play professional sports and make more money than some people think they should and way more than the average person. This police officer seems to have a history with controversy, having arrested the wife of former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Zach Thomas and put her in jail. Now that this most recent event has come to light, and it was caught on police dashboard videotape, his credibility is all but gone.

Like I said, I believe the police officer was right to pull Moats over. In this case, and I'm sure there are others like this, he did not have to apply the letter of the law so strictly given the outside circumstances. Not all athletes are rebels, and not all police officers are out to get those athletes. Looking at this story wouldn't give that impression though would it?

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