Monday, March 23, 2009

UF Students vs. Florida Gator Fans

Something I've thought about for a long time has been this: what is it about Florida Gator fans? I mean, truthfully speaking, I can't STAND them!!!! But the more I think about it, it's not the actual people that I hate. Follow me as I elaborate.

Students at the University of Florida and some alumni are nice folks when I've talked to them. After going to the NeYo/Musiq concert in February, I realized that there are more than a few pretty ladies in Gainesville. The people there are generally nice. Then you get to that one subject that makes me despise them: sports.

I can't lie, the football and basketball teams at UF have had a hot streak in the past few years with two national championships each in football and basketball. Truthfully and objectively speaking, that is a great athletic program. My problem is everybody who is a Gator fan is not afraid to tell you so.

It's funny because I remember a few years back when my favorite FBS team (the Miami Hurricanes) were dominating college football. I still never remember 'Canes fans being that annoying about winning though! And this included a few nice wins over the Gator Nation if I do say so myself. But now that they are winning, and beat UM 23-9, everybody has to know how great the Florida Tebows are (sorry, you know I meant Gators)

I can't imagine living in Gainesville as a non-Gator fan, it's bad enough living in Jacksonville (aka "Northeast Gainesville"). I have to say it truly hurt to watch them win the national championship earlier this year. I would have rather had any, and I stress ANY, other team win it. Just having to hear it all from the "Blue and white faithful" for another is enough to make me cringe.

It didn't help that they beat JU in the first round of the NIT last week. Of course fans on the road are never supposed to be pleasant. Maybe it's just the fact that they were Gator fans, but they seemed to irritate me more than usual.

Like I said earlier, I think UF students are cool. I have my frat brothers and sorors down there and a bunch of friends down there. One of my friends let me stay there after I covered the NIT game. And you can't forget the best weekend in Gainesville every year, Blue & White Weekend!

To sum it up: UF students=great people, Florida Gator fans=ughhhhhhhh

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